Miss India 2015 Aditi Arya Fashion

The leggy lass believes that skin care is as essential as diet and fitness routine. Her bed time routine involves complete make-up removal followed by applying an oil free moisturizer before dozing off. "Keeping cool green tea bags on the eyes when tired could bring some good relief," she suggests. She always carries a sunscreen with her. "Further, a Chapstick and wet wipes are good to go when one spends an entire day out to avoid dullness on the face," she says. To avoid any harm to your skin by makeup, she recommends using a good quality moisturizer and primer before applying makeup.

She believes that no external beauty product can bring upon the natural glow on your face and body. She remarks that it is only by in taking a healthy diet with the right amount of water that you can tone up the fairness and glow of your skin.


"Aishwarya Rai is a timeless beauty who had maintained her health and beauty which reflects in her radiant glow. She would be my role model in this regard," said the model who is yet to represent India at the Miss World 2015, the international beauty pageant.


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