Seven Fruits To Massage On Your Skin For Glowing


Have you ever tried applying fruits on skin? Well, most of us know well that consuming fruit juices can help the skin in many ways. But do you know that fruits are also used in many face packs?

You can massage some fruits on your skin and reap the benefits. But don't try any random fruit on your skin until you totally know the safest ones.

Fruits are free from the regular chemicals that come with your cosmetics. This is one good thing to hear. Also, they are affordable. And of course, they are nutritious and therefore your skin enjoys the company of fruits.

Fruit face packs, help your skin recover and they also hydrate your skin. You can also do it this way. Every time you cut fruits in your kitchen for your juice needs, use the peels of the fruits on your skin.

You don't need to add any other ingredients when you are using some fruits on your skin. The process is pretty simple and it just takes a few minutes to get your skin glowing again. Simply cut the fruit and rub it against your skin.

Note: Those with sensitive skin are recommended to consult a dermatologist before trying any remedy.

Now, let us discuss about using some fruits for healthy skin.

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