Styling Sustainably for Summer Skirts and Dresses


If you overhear someone say that it can’t be done—that you can’t look fashionable while making ethical choices for your wardrobe—stand up for what you know to be true. Tell them they’re wrong.

To dispel the myth that fast fashion is good fashion, we’re kicking off a series in which tipsters share their ethical style. They'll show you how they mix their favorite Indigenous pieces with their other favorite ethically-made clothing, shoes, bags and more.

Our first tipster is our blogger Tricia. She’s a writer, a mother, and an independent business woman. And she’s here this week with some tips on wearing Indigenous skirts and dresses.

Those who know me well know that once summer starts, I live in skirts and dresses. I toss my jeans to the back of my closet and, as I’m not a big fan of shorts, I rotate through a collection of maxi sundresses and long, flowing skirts. I’ve got my favorites for date night, my go-tos to client meetings, and the ones that are perfect to wear while chasing my two kids around the park. This summer, I’m in love with my Indigenous pieces for how versatile they are, and how incredibly comfortable for the hot summer days.

I started the summer with the Pocket Circle Skirt. Let’s talk for just a minute about how this skirt is not only long, flowy and super soft, but it also has pockets. Its’ two pockets are perfectly placed and ideal for tucking my phone or a pair of sunglasses on my way out the door (and, of course, they’ve also served as a home for the occasional stone or flower picked up by the kids along the way). I style this one up for a trip to the office or a fun summer barbecue with the Sheer Drape Tank (mine is the Blue Velvet color). But most of the time I wear it casually with a graphic tee (my favorites are from Sevenly).

The Maxi Tank Dress fits all of my needs and desires for the perfect summer sundress. It’s long and the perfect balance of comfort and elegance. The light gray color with silver stripes is so summery. I’m brave enough to wear this while hanging out with my two-year-old (far braver than I should be) but I prefer to save it for fancier child-free occasions. When those happen, I dress it up with a pair of dangling silver earrings and my Toms wedges.

Finally, for summer days at the office, I pull out the Kilt Skirt. Most often I pair this with the same Blue Velvet Sheer Drape Tank (love that tank so much) for a professional, pulled together look.

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