How To Look Gorgeous in Ten Minutes


We often find ourselves running late to make it in time for important events and celebrations. The result of this haste is a compromised look for an evening you wanted to look nothing but perfect. I have had several such occasions. Have you been a victim too? Fret not! I have the perfect road to gorgeousness in 10 minutes for you. Read on for more.

The Naturally Rosy look:

For this gorgeous look, blend your moisturizer and foundation and layer it well. If you have a liquid highlighter handy, a drop of it in the mixture would only make you glow. Conceal the foundation with a pinch of powder to give it a finished look. Use a mild pink blush on your cheeks that matches your lip colour to complete the look.

Tip: Matte finish lip colours seem to be the latest picks among women. However, for this look its best to use a glossy finish lip colour to add some moisture to the look.


The original and timeless look:

This look is an absolute winner and has been a saviour for women since decades. Use a concealer to cover your blemishes and dark circles if you have any. Apply a tinge of powder only on the T-zone, it will help absorb the moisture. Since we are looking at a fresh look, use pale colours to shadow your eyes. Shades of pink, purple, ivory work best with this look. Use a similar shade of blush if not the same, just a streak would do. Now for the lips, I recommend something bright to add colour and cheer to your face.

Tip: Try keeping your eyes as natural as you can for this look. However, if you still cannot resist eyes make up, apply a stroke of Kajal to highlight your eyes.

The perfect eyes:

I also call it, ‘The Mila Kunis look’ since it concentrates on making the eyes heavy. Start with a highlighter for the eyes and add streaks of the darkest shade right above the lash line. You can then start adding lighter shades above the dark shade. Use the lightest shade right below your eyebrows. Blend in all the shades for a finished look. Add a stroke of eyeliner and some kajal at the bottom to highlight your eyes further. Support this look with a natural or nude coloured lip gloss and some blush.

Tip: Make sure your lip colour and blush are of the same shade. The eyes however have to be a contrast for since all the attention is drawn towards the eyes.

The above looks have always worked wonders for me in times of crises. It’s time for you to stop worrying about not having ample time to do your make up and simply look forward to looking beautiful.


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