Six Ways To Make Lamp Shades From Home Scrap

Making lamp from home scrap is an interesting and fun task. In fact, it is the optimum utilization of resources that have outlived their life and are no more used in the house.

Lamps and lamp shades play an important role in adding to the beauty of the house by magnetizing the environment. They express serenity and solitude along with adding to the grace of the room and, if they are home-made, they look all the more beautiful.

You may feel that it is a cumbersome job which would require long hours of time investment. But, it is not so. In fact, it is a quick, easy and painless task that would enhance the beauty of your personal space and save you from buying those expensive lamps from the market place that cost a fortune.

Then again, the question that most people would ask is- How to make lamp shades with home scraps at home without wasting much time?

Actually, it needs no expertise and could be made in just a few hours. Also, it gives a personal touch to the room. To make this task easy for you, given below is a small list of home scrap items that can be used for lamp shade making.

Pieces of cloth

Old cut outs of cloth pieces could be used for making lamp from home scrap. For the purpose they can either be stitched together to make a patchwork or long pieces could be tied together to give a unique look with a personal touch. Most of the lamps made of cloth scraps are long lasting. One can even use old socks for the purpose. Decorate them by stitching colorful buttons on the outside in-between the spaces or on joints.

Skirts or frocks

For people who have daughters that have outgrown their old skirts and frocks, here is a wonderful opportunity to put them to use by making lamps from home scraps. Make two small rings by using a wire, and cover it by the old frocks or skirts by placing the smaller ring on the waist area and the larger circle at the hem to get a lovely lampshade.


How to make lamp shades with home scraps? Well, the answer had always been there with you in those old thread looms lying in your thread-box. Blow up a large balloon and apply fevicol over it. Now unwind the thread rolls by covering every inch of the balloon with them. The fevicol would help them stick and once the fevicol has dried, softly let the air out from the balloon. This is one of the ways to make lamp shade and trendy one at that!

Newspaper and Magazines

Paper crush work is the answer to making lamps from home scraps. Just dip a piece of paper in water and let it soak. After a while gently either paste it on a balloon or carve it with crushed papers. Let it dry and you have your own personalized lamp shade. One can even decorate it with magazine cuttings to give it an authentic look.


Use old glass bottles as lamp shades or candle stands by giving them a colourful touch and trendy designs made by you. This method is probably the easiest in the list of easy ways to make lamp from home scrap.

Ladies accessories

Make the frame by using wires and hang or braid different old accessories that you no more wear. They look extremely royal and will lend a antique look to your room.


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