Tips For Clean Shave

Want to create a breathtaking impression on your girlfriend? Then it is the stylisation of your beard that will amaze her. Keep a French cut or an anchor style; it is very important to have a clean and smooth shave.

The hair on your body, maybe on face or any other parts prevents your skin from getting dry and other outer pollution. Whenever you shave, your skin loses moisturiser and it becomes dry. Moreover the pores become open which creates other skin problems.

For men, you need to shave regularly to maintain your style. A little stubble makes you look attractive, but an unorganised beard on face always turns off ladies and it is also very unhygienic. This is about the guys. But girls also need to shave their legs to have sexy and smooth legs.

Often both men and women do some mistakes which make their skin rough and full of cuts and scars. Those look awful. Therefore both of you need some special tips for a clean shave.

Tips For Shaving Armpit

For girls, if you don’t want to go through the pain of waxing, shaving with a razor is a better idea. Just take small strokes and reverse strokes. There are lots more tips for a clean smooth shave without any bumps. So, read on and you’ll find effective tips for a clean shave.

Shave At Morning

Guys have a tendency to shave at night so that they don’t need to hurry before going to workplace. But shaving at morning is easier to get smooth texture. After night’s rest, skin becomes free from all stress. If you shave then, it will be better for your skin health.

Wash First

This is the basic tips for a clean smooth shave for both. Men must wash their face so that the razor doesn't stump in the dirt. Ladies should also wash their legs thoroughly and apply scrubber before shaving. Washing also prevents from any infection if you get cut while shaving.

Perfect Shaving Cream

What is new about the tips for a clean shave? Choose a shaving cream according to your skin type. Shaving gel is good for oily skin while cream based is effective for dry ones. Check if it has aloe or jojoba. Girls can use conditioner too.

Use Sharp Blade

Never use blunt razors as those need to be pressed hard and you can get cuts. Moreover dull blades create skin rashes, redness and burns which may turn into disgusting spots.

Use Cold Water

As you need useful tips for a clean smooth shave, always follow this one. Hot water makes your skin rough and harsh. Rinse your face or body parts with cold water as cold water close all your pores.

Know The Proper Direction

Usually hair grows in different direction. So, it is better to shave in little strokes. Then swipe the area again to have a clean shave. While girls shave their legs, reverse strokes can leave a smooth effect.

Shaving Brush

One of the most useful tips for a clean shave. It is very important to use proper shaving brush. Practically, shaving brush helps to grow hair closely so that you can shave easily. Always put on the cream in a circular motion with help of the brush.

Rinse Well

Whenever you have a shave, rinse your face or body parts very well. Any soap or gel remaining on your skin may cause further side effects. Also keep your apparatuses (shaving razor and brush) clean under running water.

Shave Complicated Area Later

There are some tricky places which need special care to shave. The under and over lips area, neck line etc. are difficult to shave. While shaving your legs, girls find it tough to shave under the knee. Leave those areas first and don’t go harsh. Apply additional cream if needed.

Apply After Shave Lotion & Moisturiser

Last but not the least, apply after shave lotion to prevent dryness and harshness of your skin. While girls shave their legs, never forget to apply moisturiser. This can be culminating tips for a clean shave.

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