Best Way to Pack Your Hat in a Suitcase Without Squishing it

1. First, get together all the clothes you want to pack. Then, pack all your heavy items at the bottom of your bag including shoes, bags and heavier fabrics like denims. Make sure when you lay out the heavier clothes on top of your accessories that you do so to create a nice flat surface.


2. Next, take a nice heavy piece of clothing like a denim shirt and fold then roll it up.

3. Taking your hat, push the shirt down carefully into the crown (the part where your head goes), making sure it fills completely. If there’s still space, add another item of clothing so the crown part is completely stuffed.

4. Next, lay your hat upright onto the flat surface of clothing. Then start adding your remaining items of clothing around the hat. For me that meant adding pieces of my holiday wardrobe like this skirt (perfect holiday wear), this romper and this bikini (like this).

5. Pack all your items around the hat, making sure you pack it all nice a tight so the hat can’t flop around. Once you’ve done that add some more clothes on top so it’s nice a flat. Now just zip up your bag and away you go!


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