Style Fashion Week’s Couture Gowns for Spring 2014


Last October, the 6th season of Style Fashion Week breaked new ground with official endorsement by the city of Los Angeles,with a new venue at L.A. LIVE’s Event Deck, and a line-up of international fashion designers to show the latest for Spring 2014.Many of the gowns below we will see at next year’s award receptions, starting January thru March.            

Ina Soltani: Los Angeles based celebrity designer, Ina Soltani, draws inspiration from the dramatic narratives of artisan traditions and her deep appreciation of arts and culture. Her designs are favorites among Hollywood A-listers including: Jessica Chastain, Kristen Stewart, Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria and Jennifer Lopez. Ina Soltani’s retrospective collection, “Tribute to Hollywood” will showcase the designer’s most famous gowns worn by celebrities at the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys, along with her one of a kind couture pieces. This chic and passionate collection is filled with high drama and mystique, truly representing Hollywood Glamour at its finest.

Cristina Nitopi Spring 2014 Couture


 Malan Breton: The Spring 2014 Malan Breton collection is inspired by the union of the strength and delicacy and the complimentary principles of yin and yang. Here, “The strong Saville Row silhouettes of the 1960′s British pop invasion meet the decadent romance of Won Kar Wei’s film “In the Mood for Love”. The silhouettes are enhanced by opalescent fabrics, old world corsetry, rich brocades, organza, mylar, cashmere, embroideries, and mother of pearl, giving these collections a touch of glamour, romance, luxury, and strength.
Silvia Bours Spring 2014 Couture                                    

Michael Costello: The debut collection  at Style Fashion week is the new era of the Costello fashion group. The Michael Costello collection is inspired by his travels. Traveling from city to city all around the world, Michael would look down through the windows of the planes and see these magical tracks of gold dust and burst of lights from the cities he would fly over. He loved the architectural structures mixed with organic silhouettes, it was then when he started sketching, and upon landing he had created his new collection.

Silvia Bours: Silvia Bours is a Mexican born artist and designer. Her handmade designs are truly works of art. Each one-of-a-kind piece conveys Silvia’s theatrical and feminine style. Her hand painted dresses are favorites in her collections. Silvia has previously presented shows in Arizona – this was her first time at Style Fashion Week.


Furne One: Dubai-based couture label, Amato Haute Couture by designer Furne One, spins a dark fantasy tale of intrigue and mystery. There is a clear split on the runway between hell and heaven, the first half of the show dedicated to the minions of the underworld and the latter half relieving our fear with a parade of stunning angels. The age-old struggle of good vs. evil is presented in fashion form on Amato’s catwalk, fashion’s function isn’t to answer questions, but rather to pose them within a framework of wearable art.


Tina Marie by Tina Hughes: Talented designer Tina Hughes creates each piece of her collection with an expert eye for juxtaposition and a thorough understanding of the economics and waste behind traditional textiles. Her line, Tina Marie, is the culmination of her vision, her principles, and her love of creating. Beneath it all, each piece is motivated by a love for the Earth, for the strength of our communities, and for her daughters.