The 29th CBME Istanbul Kids Fashion


Istanbul Kids Fashion is the central business and order platform for the Turkey and international retail trade in children’s and baby fashion, shoes and accessories products. The event is held twice a year – January and June. In January, the event is co-located with the Istanbul International Children Baby Maternity Industry Expo (CBME Turkey) and in June, as CBME Turkey Istanbul Kids Fashion. It is the must-attend event for buyers looking to find good quality products and reliable souring partners.

Why Attend?

•Meet with more than 130 suppliers from the children’s fashion sector presenting their latest collections
•One-stop shop to meet the manufacturers directly
•One-stop sourcing event for quality baby and children fashion and accessories
•Fashion Museum showcasing children fashion collection in Turkey through the years
•Kids Fashion Shows presenting styles ranging from casual to formal
•Young Designers Collection Gallery

•Kids Fashion Show showcasing the latest fashion for kids
•Journey to the past with Turkish Kids Fashion Museum
•Young Designers Collection Gallery

Why Turkey?

Turkey is the 7th of the world and 2nd of Europe in terms of clothing. Ranking as the 5th of the world in the production of cotton which is the most preferred raw material in Baby and children clothing.

•Fast delivery is the most important service expected in the world. Turkey can export goods with a delivery terms of less than 4 weeks with its close location to EU market. Being in close vicinity to the market is a major advantage. Delivery terms in the Far East are 2.5 - 3 months.

•Compliance with international specifications and experience in environmentally friendly production are sufficient.

•It is rich in raw materials and supplies.

•There is tendency to small scale businesses intended to personal requirements.

•Competitive labor costs generated by a young and trainable population are low compared to the developed countries and this provides a significant advantage in terms of price.

•75% of the total production in the sector is done with machinery younger than five years.

•The sector has sufficient experience in international competition. It has high capability of adaptation to innovative technologies and fashion.

•The entrepreneurial spirit and availability of well-trained labor force, and well-educated executive and marketing professionals can keep up with the needs of the sector.




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