Back Dresses That Dare You To Defy The Cold- For Valentines Day 2015


It may be the middle of winter, but this shouldn't stop you from showing a little skin (without freezing your tush off in the process). Underneath your behemoth boyfriend coat, scarf, and god-knows-what-else, you don't need to wear another frumpy article of clothing. Instead, go all out in an open-back dress, perfect for a romantic evening out with your S.O. or tapas and drinks with your friends. Who's to say what's seasonally appropriate? We found 11 gorgeous dresses that offer a surprise reveal from behind. It's cold outside, but you can't always let Mother Nature win. (Just don't forget to layer.)

Back Dresses That Dare You To Defy The Cold


Worn underneath a long wool coat, a white minidress gives a whole new meaning to the term "snow angel."


The shoulder draping here had us at hello — the open back is just a welcome bonus

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