Coutoure Fashion Takes Center Stage in Chennai Day 1 Photos 2010

Gitanjali Lifestyle Chennai International Fashion Week Season 2 was launched in a swamp of glitz, pop and splendor with an inaugural show by Chennai’s own celebrated designer Rehane. This was followed by shows by Anuradha Bisani and RAshita Sehra with Rinku Sobti following suit. Charu Parashar created waves with a show by celebrity designer Claudia Antonini and the show by Gunjan and Rahul the last show of the day.

Gaurav Sharma of Storm Fashion Company, the primer mover and the mastermind behind CIFW, is happy that Gitanjali Lifestyle Chennai International Fashion Week is turning out the way it is. He says, “Chennai International Fashion Week filled the niche that South India was looking for –a B2C event as well as a B2B event with the fashion community gathering to do business with the showcase and exhibiting designers. Season 2 is even bigger than Season 1 because of the hype it has generated with its list of superb designers, credibility created from the very successful debut shows and the big new names associating themselves with CIFW.”

REHANE’s theme was ANATOLIA Autumn /Winter 2010-11 has been inspired by all things “Asia Minor”. The silhouette is in keeping with modernity, yet there are opulent excesses seen throughout the collection in one form or another. The look is bold and without fear, with dollops of the exotic & mysterious. A modern day “Sherzade” would perhaps be the best muse for Anatolia. The colours used are snuff, poppy, salmon, deep aqua, Turkish blue and antique gold. The cuts are very structured yet complimenting the female silhouette. The fabrics used vary from jacquard to satin. velvet to georgettes. Stunning models walked the ramp with cine star Udita Goswami the show stopper.

ANURADHA BISANI’s collection showcased vibrant colors of India and it’s festivities of various cultures in the form of beautiful and colorful, custom designed saree , Lehman, salwars which are an interstellar of every Indian ladies wardrobes. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful Indian clothing which make you feel beautiful and confident from inside and outside. Breataking beauties in equally absorbing fashion provided the glamour with Sonal Chouhan the show stopper.

RASHITA SEHRA breathed a life of ‘COLOURFUL DREAM’ with her creation. The Collection is inspired by the colours of nature. The smoky grey’s with shades of green with crimson red magnolia yellow orchids purple and embellished like fresh Dew. All the silhouettes are created in sheer and delicate fabrics to give them a flowy feel which creates a ‘COLOURFUL DREAM’

CHARU PARASHAR, as a “New Gen” designer, is constantly motivated towards taking the exotic Indian craftsmanship and ancient printing techniques to the highest levels of luxury. Self styled Ambassador of “Indian Fashion” & “Revivalist” at heart Charu’s distinctive signature style of a synergy between the finest structured textile-print with rich detailing through the genius of centuries old Indian craftsmanship techniques.
CLAUDIA ANTONINI collection exalts charismatic qualities of evening wear and embodies the concept of new affordable luxury. It is a deliberate attempt to bridge the gap between pret-a porter and haute couture while exploring the sartorial art, embellishments, research on fabrics and colors. The collection defines the sophistication and femininity through silky volumes and soft geometrical silhouettes magnified by drapes and intricate ornamentation. CLAUDIA ANTONINI signifies a style that is vintage yet contemporary, a style that is not grandiose and is appropriately elegant all fit to allure divas, silver screen goddesses, royals and high net worth individuals thus raising luxury and modernism to its zenith.

The finale for Day 1 was reflected in the RASA creations of GUNJAN & RAHUL exemplifying the expressions of the nav rasa in a contemporary format.The collection takes you through a journey of feelings that flow with in us. With colours touching each expression- the collection seamlessly meander through all the emotions that take place with in us..the fabrics from fluid to structured and motifs ranging from and silhouettes primarilycontemporary indian it caters to a women who lives in todays world but has’ent stopped dreaming the past. Stunning models sashayed the ramp with cine actor and activist Revathy the show stopper.

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