Where’s my cell phone please!!!! It’s just crazy, but how a little thing can have such power in our lives!?How addict we can get over a cell phone!? Last week my cell phone wasn’t charging, l thought l was going to have an heart attack l’m seriously! It was ridiculous, but as we see on my post sounds like is not just me.

All the girls, people in general just cannot live without their fancy, simple, super cool cell phones there’s everything on emails, the instagram lol txt messages, FB, and Twitter. Also what makes me mad sometimes is how we can became slaves of txt messages, getting all excited to know what others are thinking or not thinking, so often we’re wonder why this person or that one haven’t txt yet…Aww God…my cell phone is pink and before l sleep l check it all and first l wake up, my cell phone is the first thing that matter for me, the feeling of having got an email or a txt message or just to know that anybody missed us make me, you, she or him somehow happy*


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