I love coconuts so much I wanted to share my many uses for them with you. This magnificent nut is so varied in its nutritional, hydrating and beautifying benefits, I use it every single day! 

As its so rich in vitamins and minerals, a coconut can contain almost all the essential minerals, vitamins, and energy you need for 1 day! 

Coconut oil

I use this for cooking most of my food so don't be fooled, if you use a little in your cooking you wont taste it so even when cooking savoury meals such as scrambled eggs it's great!
I also use it as a scalp treatment which helps with my psoriasis as the coconut oil hydrates and calms my scalp as well as leaving my hair super shiny and soft.

The vitamin B content and Zinc make this perfect for using on my skin. I often use coconut oil as a body oil fresh out of the bath or shower and more recently I've been using it as a makeup remover as its so gentle and effective. If I'm wearing a little more makeup one a certain day I'll make sure I use a gentle, natural cleanser after. There is good research to prove that cytokinins found in coconuts is great for anti-aging which is always a bonus!

Coconut drink

This used to be a treat when I was on holiday but I now drink coconut water and milk 2-3 times a week! It contains simple sugar, electrolytes, minerals, andenzymes that all help with digestion and your metabolism. You just have to look out for those products that contain unnatural flavourings and sugars as it can be quite confusing so as I always recommend - read the ingredients label. 

Coconut sugar and flour can also be used as a substitute in food. There are lots of different theories but the facts are coconut sugar (Palm sugar)  is definitely healthier than refined sugar as the process of manufacturing is more natural but it does contain fructose which is the harmful type of sugar derived from fruits. Coconut flour is great for those who are gluten free and in its organic natural form is a great source of protein and also contains a high amount of dietary fibre.

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