We’re not going to be professing the teaching about Chacha Nehru and how many roses he got from kids on Children’s Day/his birthday, but what we are going to do is go back to being younger, reminisce about our favourite superheroes and television shows and in true fashionsita style, wear it all out. Confused? We’re talking Disney sweatshirts, Marvel shorts and the like. Here’s our wish list.

If running back from school just so that you made it in time for TNT at 4.30 pm describes a certain part of your childhood, you’ve got to buy yourself this tee, ladies. If you, like us followed Michelangelo, Leonardo, Rafael and Donatello through the sewers of NYC and respected Splinter just as much as they did, wear this tee with pride. It’s about time the turtles got some female admiration from someone other than April, innit?

You might hate to admit it but no one can turn a blind eye to a sweatshirt with one of our childhood favourites on it, and no one but us knows it all too well. With so many A-listers wearing them, including Rihanna, Kate Moss and Katy Perry, Disney merchandise is no longer restricted to toddlers alone.


If you’re religious about going for a run or working out every single day, ditch the gym for a day and go for a bike ride in these super cute Looney Tunes cycling shorts instead. While they may not be completely palatable at first, wear them with a dark racer back vest, strap on a waist pouch with a bottle of water and off you go! They’re as comfy as they are cute and if you’re concerned about the “embarrassment”, when you’re riding so fast, no one’s even going to notice it’s you.

When you’re feeling down, just put on your superhero pants and everything will be alright. Of course, we’d usually recommend a massage, a run or a re-run of your favourite Sex and the City episodes to deal with the mood but when you’ve got shorts with Iron Man, Captain America, Spiderman and even the Hulk on it, you’ve got all the power you need to lift your spirits, we think. Gotta get your hands on these Marvel’lous shorts and put them to the test!

If you occasionally responded to someone calling out to you with a “What’s up, doc?” you have all the necessary qualifications to wear this muscle tank. Super soft and comfy, this’d be our fave pick for a laid-back weekend with friends. We suggest pairing this screen-printed Bugs Bunny tee with a pair of shorts or leggings for absolute chilling and maximum comfort.

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