Blue (not referring to Beyonce’s daughter) in its varied tones, forges into autumn/winter 2015 and we saw it move on international runways and locally at SA Fashion Week. Here’s what a few designers had to say about blue, blue, blue.

Leigh Schubert

The designer recently moved from Durban to Cape Town says she now understands the importance of warmth. It is living in Simonstown and watching the changing scenery and horizon which inspired her autumn/winter collection.

“We are surrounded by mountains, and have 180 degree views of False Bay - the colours and textures of which change so drastically in winter."
On predominantly using blue, she says: "Blue is almost the colour of 'cold'... I felt by using combination of blues it would epitomise winter."


Mej Lues

Born and raised in the Free-State and now established in Durban, Hanrie Lues of the Mej Lues brand, was inspired by the Afrikaans tale of Racheltjie de Beer, in which she saves her little brother’s life during a very harsh winter night, but she passes away.

“So the blues I chose were a reflection of what the Free State fields would look like during a cold winter night, towards dawn. Starting with dark navy's going to light powder blue. I was also inspired by my mother's antique cameo brooch which is blue and ivory. It can be seen used on the one jacket.”

Lues also researched her chosen hue, using WGSN (a trend forecasting group) to cross reference the relevance of blue in the coming winter season.

Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs

“I've really been obsessed with the colour blue, in all its permutations for a long time. In fact, I used ice blues, pastel blues and cobalt in previous collections. This time around, I really felt an affinity with cobalt and cornflower blue - I think they're quite serene to look and wear, and added to the mood of the collection,” says Craig Jacobs who is the designer behind Fundudzi.

Based in Johannesburg, he's looked into our continent and how the concept of wrapping is used to ward off cold. This was his starting point for his collection themed Se Secha (The New Way in Sesotho)

“I wanted a really strong undercurrent to the collection, and so blue acts as a sort of base note to the line - and it works so well when contrasted against ochre and orange hues which appear in the Mohair blanket shawls, blanket skirts and finale dress in the collection,” he adds.

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