Fashion Week Models Have Their Own Stories To Tell

Sometimes it’s not as it seems, the fashion models who are seen walking on the runways in designer clothes and accessories looking stunning and unimaginably beautiful as they pose for the camera have their own stories to tell. Their lifestyle and conduct outside the runways is one of a mystery. Consider Adesuma Pariyapasat, who was discovered by a scout in Nigeria at 17, here’s a story.
Associated Press photographers spoke backstage with her during the New York Fashion Week spring shows, which began on the 4th of September 2014. What she said is featured below, she talked about herself, family and career.


Pariyapasat 22, of Benin City, Nigeria, listens to music while her fingernails are painted backstage before the (Rebecca Minkoff) show. Pariyapasat began modeling only recently, but was scouted while in school in her native Nigeria at age 17. Despite leaving behind both her parents, two brothers and a sister, homesickness isn’t a big problem for her. “I get homesick every now and then, but I’ve moved so much in my life…it doesn’t matter where I am, really.” She says the biggest misconception about modeling is that it’s easy, saying that there is “a lot of psychological damage, a lot of psychological turmoil” involved.

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