Fashion Council of Namibia launched

The Fashion Council of Namibia has been launched with seven members - Marcelle Van Wyk, Chakirra Claasen, Charlotte Schoeman, Gretta Gaspar, Odile Muller, Luis Munana and Bruna Coimbra.
While different countries in Africa are at different levels in terms of fashion awareness and maturity, the challenges and potential for growth are strikingly similar.
Namibian fashion is a fast growing and creative industry, providing job opportunities for many related professions, including jewelry designers, seamstresses, textile manufacturers, production teams, make-up artists, hairstylists, photographers, videographers, models, fashion buyers and bloggers.
The Fashion Council of Namibia said in statement that if the local sector is to succeed, the respective roleplayers have to learn to work together and respond to market needs faster, including by and improving competitiveness.
“Due to the absence of a coherent industry body a group of forward-thinking individuals, who are extremely passionate about the fashion industry, have established the Fashion Council of Namibia. The council endeavours to be an entity that is nationally and globally recognised,” the council said.
It will provide initiatives that will develop and support the fashion sector and industry-related stakeholders.

The council’s mission is to establish and create - through project implementation of effective assistance and training - cross-sectional element to develop a cohesive, creative and an enabling environment. By encouraging creativity, production can be strengthened by setting up educational, training and exchange programmes.
The council will also facilitate linkages with key industry stakeholders, to invest in emerging talent.
The council wants to support national micro-entrepreneurship.
It will also focus on introducing and developing practical project management tools.
Design management will help strengthen Namibian designers to become leaders instead of followers.
Key programmes will include one to facilitate and provide relevant industry information, research and workshops.
This program will also endeavor to facilitate linkages with key industry stakeholders to invest in emerging talent, as well as create networking and marketing platforms to increase industry visibility and further invest in advocacy and policy evaluation and development.
The vision of the council is to drive and facilitate job creation through entrepreneurship in the fashion value chain, and to provide initiatives that will develop and support the fashion industry by facilitating interaction with the respective industry stakeholders, government and academia.
The Fashion Council of Namibia is a public-private partnership driven by a clear business idea.
The council will provide a platform where all respective roleplayers will be invited to contribute, assist and equip all industry-related stakeholders with the necessary tools in order to maximise their business potential, as well as optimally navigate the sector.

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