Evening Classics from Trendy Divva


Evening gowns, the pinnacle of lofty occasions is the recent flare of glamour added to the exquisite wardrobe of Trendy Divva. The Evening classics, by the brand are an inevitable part of the wardrobe and a must for every diva.
The advent of evening gowns, in the dawn of Renaissance caused a fashion upheaval. They are distinguished from conventional dresses by their cut and fabric. Keeping theses differential factors in mind, the brand has designed the outfits making them visually ecstatic.

Being associated to a glamour quotient already, these outfits are quoted with opulent shades of green, blue; deliciously spread hot pink, the royal combination of red and gold. From fine laces to dazzling sequins, the collection has it all. The design squads at Trendy Divva have synchronized some newness to this vintage garment and assure to strike a statement.

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