Zimbabwe Fashion Week 2014

Zimbabwe Fashion Week is arguably the most significant industry event in Zimbabwe and in recent years has become the most important and influential of Zimbabwe‟s fashion, style and textile cultural events, making it a “must attend” on Zimbabwe‟s corporate -social calendar.
Despite having faced a series of challenges, ZFW has endeavored and grown strength to strength since its inception in 2009. This year we usher in the 5thEdition of what has been acknowledged as the fourth best Fashion week in Africa with much pizzazz and we are confident that this year ZFW will surpass the previous successes and raise Zimbabwe‟s flag further.


Inspired by AFRICA-the motherland, and the AFROCENTRICspirit exuded regarding African or black culture as preeminent, the theme for ZFW2014 is “ AFROCENTRICA”.

Zimbabwe Fashion Week was founded by Zimbabwean international supermodel, Priscilla Chigariro-Gessenin 2009. Priscilla created a platform for Zimbabwean and regional designers to showcase their work, and equally too, to boost the rekindling of what was once a thriving textile and fashion industry riveting out of Zimbabwe.

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