Rodarte Just Took Eyebrow Piercings To The Next Level

Just when we thought we'd pretty well covered every eyebrow trend there was - from bold and bushy to peroxide bleached - Rodarte have gone and given us a new brow-trend to consider, and it has to be the most daring yet... 

For their beyond-stunning SS15 catwalk show at New York Fashion Week, Rodarte chose natural hair and make-up for all of their models, but strikingly opted to adorn their brows with metal hoops to create the illusion of multiple piercings.

We're not just talking one or two. We're talking seven PER BROW.


Made from a lightweight metal to ensure they didn't sag the brow-line, you can also breathe a sign of relief that the piercings are, in fact, faux. Just think of the casting-agent meltdown that would have ensued had they been real... 

What kept them in place you ask? Well, your guess is as good as ours. While it must be a glue of some description, the make-up artist who created the stand-out look, James Kaliardos, was very tight lipped about exactly what he used to create the seamless finish. 'That's an industry secret', he teased. And something tells us it wasn't your bog-standard tube of UHU all-purpose adhesive.

Speaking of the rest of the beauty look, Kaliardos said that 'this is a makeup look you could do on the subway'. We don't know about you, but whatever these girls are using on their morning commute, we want some. 

So what did the models have to say about their shocking new facial accessories? Model Kristina Petrosiute got on board with her silver rings, saying: 'I took a photo and sent it to my boyfriend. He was like, ‘You look weird!' but I like it!'

After being one of the most snapped beauty looks of NYFW, there's really no telling where this method of extreme eyebrow piercing will end, but our bets are hedged on the fact that the most daring of It girls and bloggers will be giving it a go.

All we know is that our mother's would 100% not approve if we turned up to the house with hooped-to-the-max brows for the weekly Sunday roast... 

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