Fearne Cotton On How She Found Her Fashion Feet After 25

Ice cold cocktails and the promise of fabulous fashion were more than enough reason for us to hot foot it down to Soho’s Groucho Club to take a sneak peek at Fearne Cotton’s latest collection for Very. We cosied up to the blonde bombshell to talk fashion inspiration, fangirling over Dakota Fanning and that wedding dress.

InStyle: What inspired your latest collection for Very?

Fearne: I really wanted a bright and bold collection that could work in our weird British weather. This time of year it's all about colours and prints and getting them out instead of just saving them for Summer. There's some outfits where you could buy the matching top and skirt ( I love coordinates), or you could just  wear the top with jeans, it's quite versatile. For inspiration, I always go on Pinterest and look in magazines and books and also look to my mum and Jesse's mum because their generation had just the best ideas and movements because it was all so new. I love people like Penelope Tree and all those groovy women from the seventies, they're always on my moodboard somewhere.

InStyle: What's your stand out piece from the collection?
Fearne: I think the turquoise jumpsuit is a really great piece from the collection, I can see so many different friends of mine wearing it and I always keep them in mind because they're all so different. The longer shorts with the tie belt to really cinch in the waist means it flatters any shape or size. You can wear it when it's warmer with bare legs or with a blazer and tights when it's colder.


InStyle: Using your collection what would you wear:
a) To a festival?

Fearne: For a festival I'd go for the matching polka dot top and skirt, wear it with some biker boots and layer it with a denim jacket or a check shirt and a leather jacket, I love layering at festivals.
b) To a wedding?
Fearne: I would probably go for the kimono and matching trousers because I personally love going for a strong look with trousers, it makes a really nice different wedding guest look. Wear it with a beautiful camisole or shirt underneath and a pair of killer heels and you know if you're wearing a bold print you're not going to look too bridal and annoy the bride!
c) To work?
To work I would go with the turquoise jumpsuit, you can wear it with flats and then if you're going out after work you can take a pair of heels in your bag and change into them and make it look quite classic and elegant.

InStyle: What piece of clothing from your own wardrobe do you get the most comments on?
It's always those vintage pieces that people are like, 'Ah man, I can't ever own that, that's so annoying!' I've got quite a lot of old pieces from my mum or that Jesse has given me that were his mum's that were classic seventies, some Biba pieces, just really gorgeous clothes that you can't get anymore because the cuts were so different and the fabrics were so new.

InStyle: Whose style do you love?

Fearne: I always think Elle and Dakota Fanning look so lovely. They always look so quirky and gorgeous and they don't try and look too old and wear loads of make up, they just look really young and fresh. I love their approach to fashion, they just have fun, they're not worried about what anyone else is doing they just wear what feels right for them and I totally champion that. I would love to meet them and fangirl over them and just say, 'You're sooooooo amazing!'


Fearne: Oh everything before I turned 25 was awful! I didn't really have a clue about anything until I felt like I turned into a woman. I think it took me a long time because I was doing a lot of kid's TV and being dressed down to look younger so I never really felt like I approached that womanhood until my mid twenties and I thought I'm really happy being a woman and having boobs and hips and I'm not afraid to show them off! I felt like an awkward teenager for way too many years. When I was younger I had the Spice Girl platform trainers and they're all coming back now and I'm like, 'Nooooo, don't be fashionable again!'

InStyle: Congratulations on your recent marriage, can you tell us a bit about your wedding dress?
It was designed by a friend of a friend who I know through Sharon Osbourne and we sat down and looked at lots of different shapes and then once we knew the shape she brought along loads of different fabrics for that top section, which was all vintage sequins, and I was instantly drawn towards that because it was really untraditional.  I thought it was a bit mental but I loved it and it turns out that she was doing a dress for Diana Ross and she asked her to trim the end of the dress off and she kept the fabric which became the top of my dress. We matched it with quite a classic white chiffon and we used so many rounds of fabric in the skirt so it was really full and floaty. I wanted to dance all night so it had to be cut off at the ankle so I could show off my beautiful Jimmy Choo shoes. My stylist made the headband and each diamond was individually covered with netting so it wasn't shiny, it was this muted sparkly beautiful band. And then I took the shoes off and danced all night, it was amazing. It all came around in a weird, wonderful, fateful way.

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