Hub of Africa Fashion Week is back in Ethiopia for 2014


This year, the Hub of Africa Fashion Week is pleased to present The Editorial Edition. It was created to fill the void of African Designers on the global platform. To not only highlight the best of the best African designers, but to also build international awareness to the growing fashion industry on the continent.

Both the founders, Linda Murithi and Mahlet Teklemariam, feel that with the right editors on board they will be able to showcase the brands that are coming out of Africa. Editors and trendsetters or in industry terms – the “taste makers” are always looking for the best designers and brands to let the mass know what is trending globally. They are looking to make sure that business in the African Fashion Market is well represented and can fast forward Africa as the Fashion forward continent. African culture and history is rich and diverse, which also is well represented in African fashion design and Africa is now at the pinnacle of making fashion history.

The Clairvoyant Marketing Agency was established to cover a niche market within the African community to serve as “go -to agency” with purpose to contribute to the communities and society, and with a vision of building and creating sustainable development through creative ideas.


In the Bag is a creative incubator that supports visionary arts in the form of fashion, music, photography and any expressive flair. The creative industry is a powerful and inventive platform that nourishes society in an independent and ingenious manner.  In the Bag encourages creatives to embrace their core uniqueness to use as a vehicle to communicate with people and this platform used their influence and skills to encourage fashion industry players to synergize and work on economic & social development in Africa. Having previously had two editions in 2010 & 2012, for the 2014 edition they are now saying:

“We realize that global brands also borrow from our cultures, which is why we see our designers as those that will carry us to the next frontier. We hope that with this edition we can reach the understanding that we are ready to be globally recognized.We look forward to having you with us in Ethiopia.  Stay tuned as we will be keeping you posted on the program and featured designers real soon.”

We are looking forward to it too!

Clairvoyant the Agency aims to focus the week’s activities not only on run way shows, but also on education in this industry through workshops in preparation to create working opportunities and we believe this is what will make all the difference.

See more on their website here:

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