The importance of moisturising everyday

The importance of moisturising everyday.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and has a surface area of two square meters. As this organ is so large it is important to keep it healthy by protecting it everyday. Applying moisturisers are a great way of protecting skin – but do you know how they work?

Moisturisers contain substances called humectants which help to attract and conserve water in the skin. When your skin lacks moisture it can become dry. By using a moisturiser you are helping to normalise cell turnover, as when your skin is dry, cells are shed too fast, leading to your skin become flaky. Emollients are also commonly added to moisturisers and these help to smooth the appearance of flaky skin. Emollient lipids can increase barrier repair of the skin and these are similar to those naturally found in the skin. Occlusive Agents are also often used in cosmetic moisturisers. These increase moisture levels by creating a physical barrier to disallow epidermal water loss from the skin.


While it is important to feed the epidermis from the outside the CTPA remind us that “the skin will absorb anything from 0% to 100% of whatever contacts it but in general the primary function of the skin is to act as a barrier that prevents the intrusion of external materials.” To help feed the deeper layers of skin, try taking a skin supplement so that your skin is being helped from the inside. Help feed all layers of skin with nurture’s unique two step philosophy of inner health and outer beauty.

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