5 Chilean Fashion Designers That Shine


These up-and-coming designers are making a name for Chile in the fashion world:

ISLA BONITA — Young designer Antonia Salamé mixes tropical surf clothing with rocker style creating a unique style that blends together Brazilian, gypsy, and Arabic cultures. Antonia launched her career by selling clothes to her friends while she was in college, after her initial success she opened her first store with her sister from her home. As the business expanded they opened up their first official store in 2007 in Vitacura.

LA JOYA DESIGN — One of Chile’s best brands, by designer Luz Briceño, who was born in Santiago and graduated from Universidad del Pacífico with a degree in fashion design. After college, she moved to Barcelona to study fashion design at Escuela Felicidad Duce and Escola de la Donne. It was there that she created her brand La Joya Design. She opened her first store in Chile in 2008 with shoe designer Barbara Briones on Alonzo de Córdova Avenue. It received the best emerging store award from ED magazine. Briceño’s designs have been seen in renowned magazines such as Vogue and Cosmo. La Joya Design promotes a social conscience by paying artisans and employees fair wages and using Chilean materials such as wool, leather, linen, and alpaca to pay tribute to local traditions.


A ANTONIO — Antonio Contreras, designer of A Antonio, creates elegant and minimalist clothing with solid colors predominately in black. Ingrid Bergman films inspired his timeless creations. A Antonio is sold in luxury boutiques and opened its first showroom in Providencia in November 2012.

AMARU — This is a fair trade Chilean fashion line designed by Gerardo Tyrer and elaborated by a group of Mapuche women from Araucania in order to maintain a native spirit. Amaru uses alpaca and llama fiber from Llamas del Sur and is sold in a variety of boutiques throughout Chile.

VERONICA SILVA OFEBRE — This brand has recently made waves in New York City for her eco-friendly jewelry. She participated in New York City’s International gift fair, and is recognized for using unique and rare materials in her jewelry such as: volcanic rock lava, horsehair, recycled copper, and silver. Her jewelry is classy, funky and youthful; and she pulls it off!

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