Our Celebrity Style Crush for this Week

Laid back gangsta cool is the closest we come to describing the Weeknd’s style. When we are not swooning over his voice ‘Good girls go to heaven, And bad girls go everywhere’ from his hit single ‘Wanderlust’, we are taking a closer look at his funky afro dreds usually packed in signature clumps of three. Yes we notice that he loves the colour black and he is almost always decked entirely in black with a hoodie over his head on most occasions. His love for high tops that come in white is even twice as nice and we love his glowing smile. Our favourite look of him is probably decked out entirely in black in his label ‘Official Issue’ running suit with his signature hair style and that piercing look in his eyes.


For guys who love that cool look, The Weeknd has got that cool swag we love. He is young, vibrant and what we love most about him is the fact that he makes a fashion statement with whatever he wears; even if it’s in all black.

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