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Flipkart Brillion Mobile Phone

I have bought a cellphone from flipkart of the company called brillion earlier and got the product delivery on 2nd May 2016. But when I started using it, on the very first day I started to get mic problems in the phone and hence the person to whom I make a call could never hear whatever I am saying over the phone. I had requested replacement of the product after 4 days of delivery I.e. on 6th May, butthere was no response from you guys. Then again I made a call to you on your helpline number on around a week ago from now, then again on the day before yesterday and also yesterday. But all I got from your customer service staff is their indifferent attitude and unwillingness to help me. All they said is that they get back to me soon which they never did and kept ignoring me.
So what should I do now to get a solution? Should I file complaint with Consumer Forum now against flipkart?
Submitted by: Babarao vilas More