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Flipkart Blocked My Account And Even Took Away My Money

My name is Kabir chhabria and I have been a regular shopper at Flipkart and buy products for personal use. I chose Flipkart as they provided me products at lower prices then the market but little did I knew that this saving regime will make me loose my hard earned money. I have called for so many products from Flipkart out of which couple of products were defective and had to be returned. Flipkart has a system called Smart app check for electronics and they will only accept ur returns when the system gets the error so there is no chance that Flipkart will accept it without checking the defect and after checking the defects Flipkart accepted my return And informed me that the money can only be transferred to the wallet. To which I agreed and kept the money in the wallet of Flipkart with utmost faith but they have now blocked my account and are not ready to refund my Rs 12548. If Flipkart thought that my returns are more first of all they should not accept it and secondly they could send me a warning letter stating about my returns so I would have been a little more careful in returning. But let me make one point clear it\'s not that I have returned everything only couple of products which were defective and were accepted by their smart app check. Now Flipkart is not taking my calls and today when I called up to their customer care number I spoke to their floor supervisor Ms. Pooja Vaisht who straight forwardly denied to refund my wallet money. Even my request were not considered and when I told them I will lodge a complaint against them I was told sir u can do what u think is right but your wallet amount of 12548 will not be refunded. Please help me get my hard earned money back.
Submitted by: Bankil Kansara