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Giftsbymeeta- Refund Not Credited In My Account

Dear Sir/M\'am, My name is Amar Raj. I purchased two items online from amounting Rs. 448 on 04/10/15. The order id is "36646". The last day of the order delivery was 14/10/2015. But, I did not receive my purchased products on time. So I called the customer support to know the status of my order.Then the representative informed me that the item has not yet been packed to be shipped. This was the real bad moment of distrust. It was now 10 days and the last day of getting the parcel but they had not even packed it. I felt cheated and asked them to cancel my order. They cancelled my order. But, I did not receive the refund amount in my account. So I mailed the customer support regarding the refund. They told that it will be refunded within 5-6 days. I waited, but again I did not get my refund back. I again complained back. This time again they said you will receive your refund back in 3-4 days. I again waited but did not get my refund back. Again I mailed them today and now again they are saying that you will get your money in 3-4 days. I am now really feeling cheated. They are playing around me by cheating me. It\'s been 14 days now from the date of cancellation but I have not received my refund amount. It was cancelled on 14/10/15 only. Please see to my problem and update me on this case. To remind you, the order id is- "36646"
Submitted by: Naveen Kumar