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Clovia Delivered Different Product

I ordered products from this site. At first they place the entire product on hold. Without bothering to let me know. After a few days, I check where the parcel has arrived, i come to know it has been put on hold, No reason given. I call up customer service, after en number of busy calls I get put throough, I ask them what is the issue, i am told inventory issue, wait for a few days. Fine. Then suddenly I get an email saying the company tried to "repeatedly contact" me..god knows where they tried calling, as it sure was not on the number given, nor the email provided. Funny how they could successfully email me that they had taken the liberty of changing the products I had ordered...but they could not contact me asking me if it was ok. I said i was not ok, , i needed the same product in a different size. They ignored that mail for a few days, and then after the product is shipped, they say...well..thats not possible. Such unprofessional company...never buy from them
Submitted by: loga priyan