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Ask Me Grocery Order Cancelled Without Refund

I placed 2 orders and below are the order numbers



I received my salary on 1st and placed my grocery order and made my payment close to Rs. 10000. Order was confirmed.


After 6 hours, to my surprise, order was cancelled without any reason or information. Now, when I asked for refund, I\'m being told that it will take 7 to 10 working days. I have no money to order the grocery from elsewhere. I\'m not comfortable to borrow money from anyone. There is baby food ordered too. I am totally disappointed and have no idea how to manage my groceries until I get the refund. 

When I called the customer care to complain about this, they completely denied to give me any resolution and neither did they provide any reference number for the complaint that I raised. I kept on pleading that I have no money to order the grocery for the month but the customer care representative was very insensitive and did not care about my problem.

Submitted by: sunil mohanty