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Promise Of Reverse Pickup Not Kept

I had ordered LED bulbs from this company and after the delivery was made I saw that they a were the wrong size. Hence I called them and asked for a reverse pickup. However the courier came on one occasion and refused to take it saying that the box was too big and a separate courier would come for this. When there was no pickup done for 2 weeks I called the company and was told that my complaint was cancelled as 5 attempts had been made for the same. I tried to tell them that only one attempt was made but they disconnected my call abruptly and didn\'t pick up my calls thereafter. This kind a of behaviour is very frustrating and I have totally lost faith in this company. Just want all to know so they can learn from my experience. Subsequent attempts have been made but to no avail. I am sue they Have no intention of refunding the amount charged either.

Submitted by: Akash Akash