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LED Bulbs

 The company had sent me LED bulbs which I had ordered online. However as they were too big in size I called them to arrange for a reverse pickup. The courier company sent somebody for the same but the person refused to take it as the box was too big according to him. He told me that they would arrange a separate pickup for this. However when no one came for a whole week, I called up the Tolexo customer care number and On enquiry was told that they had cancelled the pickup as 5 attempts had been made from their side. I told them that only one attempt had been made but they refused to listen to me and hung up my call abruptly. I tried to call them back but they kept disconnecting the moment I gave them my name. This kinda of rude behaviour is totally uncalled for and I want the others to know that this is a fraud company.

Submitted by: Amit Singh