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Money Back

I had bought an i-phone 5c with exchange of the old phone, vide order # 22222031.

They were to give me a cash back on the amount of Rs. 2500, after the completion of the EMI. The EMI was completed in the month of February, 2015; and only after incessant follow up had the confirmed to me that the amount is due back to me.

Around the 25th of March, they sent me an email saying that the money has been deposited vide cheque in the account, and it may take a couple of days to reflect.

Today, after 45 Days, nothing seems to have appeared or happened.

As per banking norms, a Cheque if deposited should be credited to my account in Under a Week. So does this mean that Infibeam is lying to its customers with false information and no cheque has been deposited at all. Or is Infibeam going Bankrupt and their cheque has bounced!!

After continuous follow up on email, the trail of which exists to prove their absolute ineptness; they have no answer, and they seem only to be escalating the issue every time. Escalating to Who ? With the number of times, I have heard the term "escalating", I am sure the case must now be with the President of India !!

You call them, and they hang up on you.. The Supervisor is to busy to attend and the person in charge has the same repeated answer – We have escalated the Issue !!!!

How difficult can it be to track the Cheque or the case in this day and age of Computers and Automation; or do we have monkeys in the back office who cannot track the details.

The money rightfully belongs to the buyer, under what pretext do you hold back the money for such an inacceptable amount of time !

Submitted by: ANURAG AGRAWAL