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Fake Archies And Bad Response

I have ordered a greeting card in archies online, its worth is 240rupees.I had paid for it through online on 11th dec 2014 & asked them to deliver t on 15th dec,the order number is AL20141211-124315.After my payment in archies I received a mail from them like I have not made any purchase with them.I was shocked to see this mail,I tried the customer care service but no response.later I received a mail that my order was confirmed thank god.I was eagerly waiting for the card on 15th Dec till the dusk but I dint receive it rather I received a mail from them mentioning that the card which I ordered is unavailable and asked of to order some other card.I was irritated a lot I replied them to repay the amount.their was no response to my reply and I even tried calling the customer care service but no response for me.what the hell they are doing their.its completely fake.don\'t go for archies,i want the money back or else ill be complaining about your bad service to the consumer court

Submitted by: Nirupma Chauhan