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FLIPKART - Refund Process

I had purchased this product & now it is not working i.e. XOLO Q1010i. Order No - OD40619017386 . Earlier launched complaint on high price & now phone is not working. Last time we purchased from you i.e. lava iris OD31001094796 . The phone stopped working so we purchased Sony xperia from you. We got our balance in wallet & purchased Sony xperia, Even xperia has a problem, even though my let go attitude has bought us in a trouble. Today we have our company important data to be complete but because the phone has stopped working I will have to immediately buy another phone at morning anyhow. Kindly requesting you to process for refund otherwise we will launched a complaint of harassment to the police commissioner of Thane & not allow your flip kart courier to be enter in Hiranandani estate Thane. I need a Refund on any given condition. The phone has been stopped totally blank & not working. I do not trust your company now. I had purchased a lot of items from flip kart but on mobiles & laptops your company is just providing faulty products & harassing the customers unnecessary. We need is refund no excuse from you.

Submitted by: GAURAV AGARWAL