record not found And Their FRAUD Services is totally a fraud service. I ordered a tshirt on 02-May-2013, but I haven’t received it yet. My order no. was 13523 and I paid Rs.370 for Gharpay service. I really don’t understand that why do these people get the money in advance, when they actually do not have to deliver the ordered goods to the customers. Is it just a way of making money by harassing innocent customers?

I have called more than 10-12 times on customer care number, but every time they do not have any satisfactory answer. They just keep blabbering that they will look into the matter, but it’s been more than 25 days, but I haven’t got either my tshirt or my money.

I would request all of you interested in ordering your tshirts from that do not ever trust these fraudsters. They will just take your money and will never ever deliver the order. Also, if you will call to get any update about your order, they will just keep on saying that your order has been delivered or it is under process or bla bla bla. Trust me, these people have lots of excuse to overlap their poor services.
Now, the situation has got so worse that one day I called 6-7 times in a single day, but they didn’t answer my call. Just tell me you cheaters that am I here to beg in front of you for my order? I have paid for it got you! So, at least have that many guts to respond back for your deeds.

If you are reading this feedback right now, then I would request you to not to contact this fraud company any further.
You can call me at 9478388384 to know more about the fake commitments of

With No Regards,
Kamaljit Singh

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