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India known for its incredible reservoirs of heritage, arts, folklore and handicrafts has always been the centre point, the global melting pot for travelers, entrepreneurs and culture seekers. Since times immemorial the fascinating combination of creative flair and traditional genius has been winning the world with its timeless creations, priceless expressions and flawless craftsmanship. From mantelpieces to wardrobes, from fashion statements to lifestyling benchmarks the distinct signature of Indian crafts and artisans has its very own league, very own space on the world stage.

CraFusion is an attempt to become an interactive pedestal and a proactive podium where fashion seekers come face to face with handcrafted marvels singled out from the classics scattered all over India. Brainchild of pedigree fashion designer Poonam Bajaj, CraFusion strives to reach out to the remote corners of the country and lend a helping hand to some of the amazing crafts and craftsmen hidden in the sands of time not known to stylers, ramps and connoisseurs all over the globe.

Through Crafusion you can access to elusive handcrafted collections belonging to genres of traditions which are institutions and museums in their own right.

In simple words, CraFusion is an initiative which safeguards Indian handicrafts from oblivion, enables them to earn the place they richly deserve and ensures that fashion flamboyance meets crafted elegance to make perfect business sense for the creator and the consumer.

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