QUORiON Data Systems

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QUORiON Data Systems develops, manufactures, and sells innovative electronic cash registers and POS systems. The company headquarters are located in Erfurt, Germany.

Our product range encompasses the entire spectrum from small portable cash registers to sophisticated POS systems. QUORiON markets its cash registers globally in cooperation with selected distributors and partners in nearly 70 countries. Further, we develop marketing strategies for the individual countries and products in mutual agreement with our partners. The seasoned management team has been working in the information technology field for decades and has extensive experience in these activities. 

QUORiON builds its business philosophy around an aggressive differentiation strategy. Essential elements include a customer focused approach, quick reaction time towards software requirements and a drastically reduced lead time.

In September 1999 QDS acquired a state-of-the-art production facility, ideally located in the heart of Europe.
Our location is an integral part of the “reacting quickly to customer demands” strategy.

In addition to the established QUORiON brand name, QDS owns the rights to OPTIMA cash registers - a well respected and traditional technology brand.  Our partners distribute either QUORiON or Optima  branded cash registers throughout the world, though some clients receive their own OEM brands as well.

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