@Shakti Engineers
150, Ground Floor, Patparganj Industrial Area FIE New Delhi 110092 -Delhi India | New Delhi , India

Who we are:
A group of people who got together to create footwear, but  got high on style somewhere in between, started watching fashion networks and  created something that can be recognized only by someone out of this planet.  That’s how we started and that’s how we are still going on.
We are India’s one of its kind online personalized style  footwear store with a group of stylists to recommend you the most stylish  footwear as per your needs. We bring you a huge collection, created around many  themes and styles to bring you cult classic fashion wrapped in an two items,  when together, they are better known as ‘Shoes’.

What we do:
Well, to start with-Everything to make you feel Special!
A stylist to discuss your fashion needs, a delivery  guarantee, and no question asked return/exchange policy and a promise to ensure  quality in all our products. We believe in outrageous fashion trends and offer  you the same, but with a hint of class. Our famous fashion advice for all is: Don’t  just be Stylish, buy SMART on FASHOS.com!

How to get  it going:
Welcome to the world of FASHOS- a smart, quick and easy way  to get yourself a pair of stylish footwear. All you need to do is access our  online storefront and fill out a brief survey form to help us know your  personal style needs and preferences. Once you tell us what you like, our team  of stylists will take you to an exciting journey, showing you the variety of  footwear we boast of and will help you choose the best and the hottest pair.  And believe us- online shopping at FASHOS is a lot of fun, not even a bit of it  will disappoint you.