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Dogs have been a part of my life ever since I nnwas a kid. At different times, I have owned 5 dogs, a cat, a rabbit and nnany other stray bird that happened to land in our house and was injured.nn I've always felt that dogs understand me better than humans do. They nnknow when you’re sad, when you need a hug or when you just need someone nnto listen.

I've shopped a lot for the different pets I’venn had.  Doggies need their squeaky toys, treats and bones. Cats always nnwant something to scratch. But whenever I’ve gone shopping for my pets, nnthe experience has been underwhelming. The staff at pet shops constantlynn follows you just waiting for you to buy something and leave. They keep nnasking you what they can give you over and over again. Also, in most petnn shops all the supplies are stacked in a way that makes leisurely nnbrowsing impossible. As a result, I missed out on buying so many useful nnthings, just because I didnt know they existed!

I realized that most people probably go nnthrough what I did. Also, there are so many cities in India where the nnbest products or brands just aren’t available. I decided to start nnsomething which would give an amazing shopping experience to people who nnlove their pets and want to ensure they get the best products. That’s how Tupples.com was born.

We’re now a team of girls who take pictures, handle packaging, managenn our blog, take care of customer service etc. Very soon we’re starting nnan adoptions section and an ‘Ask a Vet’ section in Tupples to help nncustomers deal with everyday issues with their pets. Life is good so farnn and we love our customers and Facebook fans because they make all our nnhard work seem worth it!

Tupples is dedicated to providing the best quality products for your nn beloved pets. Also, our goal is to provide you with the best customer nn service so that you never feel lost.

We love animals, so we:


  • Don't stock products from companies that conduct unethical research on animals
  • Support animal welfare groups
  • Offer advice and services that will help you be a better companion to your pet  
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