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We are focused upon providing an exciting online store for students, nnparents and teachers to choose from a wide variety of branded, high nnquality products to meet all their educational supplies needs.The Store was born out of a parent’s need to meet all his children’s nneducational supplies needs in a convenient & easy manner from a nnsingle store, as also to access the best and latest learning tools for nnhis children. This quest resulted in being born.Our Customersnn

We provide a one stop shop solution to:

a) Students/Parents looking for text books, stationery, and other educational products to meet their learning needs

    b) Schools looking to source all kinds of school/teacher suppliesnn

c) Small Stationery Shops looking to source branded products from a single source bridging their supply chain gaps.

Our Product Offering

We offer a wide range of thousands of branded, high quality products, nncarefully chosen for their quality, value and brand offering, to ensure nnyour children have the best learning experience :

Books & Learning : Text Books, Reference Books, Activity Books, nnPlayschool & Nursery books, CDs & Interactive Learning Media, nnExam Guidesnn

Art & Craft Supplies: Colouring Pens, Crayons & Pencils, nnDrawing Books & Paper, Oil & Water Colours and Brushes

Stationery & Office Supplies: Notebooks, Office books, Pencils, nnErasers & Sharpners, Pens & Writing Instruments, Highlighters nn& Markers, Inks & Stamps, Adhesives, Tapes & Dispensers, nnBinder Clips & Clamps, Calculators, Correction Fluids, Pens & nnTapes, Cutters, Scissors & Trimmers, Desk Organisers & nnAccessories, Files & Folders, Measuring instruments, Magnifying nnlenses, Paper Clips & Pins, Paper Punches, Staplers, Pins & nnRemovers, Self adhesive Flags, Labels & Notes, Copier & Printingnn papersnn

Student Supplies: School Bags, Water Bottles, Pencil Boxes, Uniforms, nnSchool Shoes, Key Chains, Badges, T-Shirts, Stickers & Magnets

Teaching Supplies: Recognition & Motivation items, Class nnDecoration, Teaching Aids/Kits, Blackboards, Chalks & Dusters, nnLearning Instruments, Laboratory Supplies, Class Furniture, Charts &nn Postersnn

Activity Center: Early Learning, Educational Toys & Games, Sports,nn Projects, Music, Fancy Dress, Story Telling/Dramatics, Clay Modeling, nnOrigami, Puppets, Cooking, Gardening, Ceramics

Electronics & IT : Computers & Notebooks, Printers, Cartridgesnn & Toners, Computer Accessories, Cameras & Web cams, Memory nnDevices, Speakers & Microphones, Mobiles, Mobile Accessories, nnBatteries & Power Adaptors, Cables & Connectorsnn

We operate our own warehouse and stock inventory to ensure quick and nnefficient delivery of customer orders, using best in class logistics nnpartners.

The Founding Teamnn is founded by a core team of professionals with vast experience in retail business and ecommerce:

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nn a) Manoj Chandra –


nn A marketing professional with over 2 decades of experience in nnbuilding strong brands and exposure to consumer products, services, nnretailing & logistics industries. In his last employment, Manoj was nnthe key member of the Bata India management team, which led the nnturnaround of Bata to make it one of the most admired retail brands in nnIndia today.

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nn b) Ankur Dinesh Garg -


nn An IIT graduate with over a decade of experience in internet nntechnologies and ecommerce businesses. Was a founder member of a nnsoftware company, which powered the software behind some of India’s nnlargest e-businesses.



nn Our Promise


nn . Best Selection of products


nn . Best Shopping Experience


nn . Best Value


nn . Best Service


nn . One stop shop for all your school & learning needs


As we build & grow our Store, please feel free to give us your nnvaluable feedback & suggestions to help us improve your shopping nnexperience or if you have any difficulty shopping with us, please nncontact me directly at

Please do registernn your self on our store, to help us reach out to you and keep you nninformed about all the new & exciting products that we will continuenn to offer, and also to get some fantastic promotions & offers.I look forward to welcoming you at Allschoolstuff.nn

Manoj Chandra
Founder & CEO

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