Aditya Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Our company is a Private Limited registered with the Registrar of Companies Delhi-Haryana, incorporated on 25.10.1988 with the object of Manufacturing & Trading of office Equipment. This is a SSI unit.

The company at present is manufacturing Paper Shredders and trading through a network of total 17 no. of dealers all over India and directly also. The company’s registered office is at #212, Aditya Commercial Complex, 19, Nangal Raya, New Delhi-110 046.

Day to day administrative and Sales work is carried on from the Registered office. The company’s manufacturing work is carried out at New Delhi. The company is one of the leading manufacturer of Paper Shredders in Northern India. The company is also registered with Kendriya Bhandar and selling Paper Shredders to Govt. through it.

The company at present is manufacturing a range of total 11 no. of models namely Datex, Executive Classic EC-22A, Desk Top- 08CC, Minex-CC, Dotcut, Excel 22A, Bulk Destroyer (HD-300), Computer(HD-400), Heavy Shredders like Setmax and Supermax and Cross-Cut Shredders.