Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications

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Ericsson, the world leader in telecommunications has been associated with the Indian telecom industry for nearly 100 years. Headquartered in Delhi, Ericsson today has more than 500 employees across 16 offices in the country. From Basic Telephony, Intelligent Networks, Datacom and the most advanced computer telecom integration to mobile office applications, multimedia communications and Software Design Centres, Ericsson offers a complete spectrum of telecom solutions.Ericsson’s first documented transaction in India (sale of an open wire system) was way back in 1903. Since then Ericsson has contributed in just about every facet of telecommunications in India.

Since 1994, when cellular services came to India, Ericsson has envisioned being a key partner in the growth of country’s cellular revolution. It enjoys the unique ability to provide complete cellular solutions on a turnkey basis; from planning, engineering and supplying all constituent parts, to installation, training and field support.

Today, Ericsson is fast upgrading and expanding the cellular services in the heart of India building a strong and reliable network. Ericsson has played a key role in spreading the cellular revolution in the country. With 23 out of 43 GSM networks established by Ericsson in India, the company today has a market share of more than 40%, establishing it as a one of the stronger players in GSM infrastructure network.

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