Sony India Pvt Ltd (sony)

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Sony is a name synonymous with technological revolutions. Over the last 53 years, the company has evolved into a luminous brand with a unique selling proposition - technology innovation, quality and premium.In the last 50 years, the company had already established itself in the field of hi-tech entertainment. Today, Sony has gone further by becoming a preferred choice for professional requirements as well, whether it is broadcast media or color monitors. The company's leadership position in the world, today, is a reiteration of its ability to connect with the customer's mental space.

Sony is not new to India. Whether it was the television, or the walkman, a Sony always remained a must on the wish list of any Indian returning home. This love for the brand culminated in a new relationship when inspired by a reform friendly Indian business environment, Sony Corporation decided to set up a 100% subsidiary called Sony India on 16th January 1995.

In a fiercely competitive Indian consumer durables market, Sony India's mission is to "make a difference in the lifestyles and introduce new dimension to enjoyment. Offer new age technology and digital concepts; work hand in hand with the domestic industry to produce and sell excellence and come closer to the Indian customers through committed service."

Since its inception in 1995, Sony decided to have sales and distribution channels, which are exclusive to Sony India. The business partners are country managers in their own areas.Sony India today has about 33 distributors and 1475 dealers. In all the metros the Company has direct sales operations. The company also has about 13 exclusive Sony outlets, which showcase products ranging from analog to digital throughout the country.

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