Elabelz was born to elevate local fashion brands around the world, and break new grounds with global brands, locally. That’s why Elabelz believes in creating seams. Not borders.

There are people around the world who work very hard, very fast on meters and yards that travel miles to reach us.
What these people create are not just clothes, shoes or accessories. They weave fabrics to cover us. And frame us. They create textures that woo us. Styles that fit us. Soles that guide us. Statements that challenge us in colors that compliment us.
For every mood. Snooze. Jog. Walk. Every fight. Every swim. And even on our slightest whim – they design clothes with hearts and hands, for strangers with souls and dreams.
Whether we dress up or down, whether we wear a t-shirt or ball gown, we are forming relationships between the fibers of our being – and those we put on.