Captain Kyso

1 Shakespeare Sarani, Suite 6H, Kolkata 700071 | Kolkata , India

Ever had a day where you just stare at your wardrobe, wondering what to put on?

CaptainKYSO (Keep Your Shirt On) is the superhero of your wardrobe, the one that saves you from that awful decision-making. Fear this scenario no more as the Captain has a gargantuan array of designs which have been tastefully created by artists all over the world.

The Captain's tees have been carefully nurtured and finally produced after extensive testing, to bring to you only the finest quality tees (which also happen to be Kryptonite-proof). So, breathe easy, planeteers, your superhero is looking out for you.

The Captain is a superhero when it comes to convenience in terms of shopping online too - we ship all over the world absolutely FREE! The t-shirts are usually flown to your doorstep by airplanes, though occasionally we may delegate sidekicks or drop by ourselves for that extra fast delivery! Add to that multiple views, reviews and close ups of your tee with a well-synchronized, easy-to-use shopping cart and you have a Captain who can reassure you to keep that shirt on.

So whether you are looking for science fiction t-shirts, funny/parody t-shirts, sports themed t-shirts, pop culture riffs, artistic/surrealistic t-shirts, shirts with robots or shirts with endless other possibilities; CaptainKYSO has got your back, and front, covered. The artwork on these tees have been done by various talented people who are part of our community - you can be there too (cause saving your wardrobe is the thing to do!).