48-A, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Shankar Rao Naram Path, Lower Parel, Mumbai - 400013, India | Mumbai , India

Esjay International Pvt Ltd started manufacturing woven apparel in 1987 after 6 years of trading as a merchant manufacturer. This experience gave us an invaluable insight into the complexities of manufacturing and enabled us to find our niche in the marketplace. As a result we were able to satisfy customers in terms of development, quality and delivery.
Encouraged by our success in wovens we stepped into manufacturing cut and sewn knits and grew this segment with great speed.
Today we specialise in women’s and girls’ apparel in both the woven and knit segments with a strong focus on embroidery and customers across the world have come to expect an unwavering standard of quality and performance from us.
Our expertise, captive capacity, investment in research and development, professional design team, quick prototype development, and emphasis on creativity has given us a strong presence in the region. This experience inspired us to start the brand “CHEMISTRY” which today has close to 50 outlets pan India.
At the core of our business is our belief of investing in products and long term partnerships, and arriving at the right pricing policy.