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Looking for an innovative way to propose your girlfriend? Let Bushirt do the talking.

Pissed off with your boss but can’t give it back to him? Let Bushirt do the talking again.

No, we are not barging into your boss’s office or getting down on one knee in front of your girlfriend to tell them what you think.

Bushirt is a place to lay your hands on the coolest communication device T-shirts. And if you thought this is another portal for customized T-shirts, think again. We have moved beyond customization; we have moved into a realm where everything is ‘by the people, for the people.’

At Bushirt, designers from around the world get to submit their creations, which are then voted by you, the consumer, and thus are born not just T-shirts, but a cool way of wearing your emotions.

People in different parts of the world say ‘I Love You’ differently; they react to happiness differently; they vent their frustration differently; and it is this difference that we bring to you through the creative imaginations of designers from around the world.

You could be a designer sitting in Singapore or one sitting in Italy or any place for that matter (as long as it’s on Earth; we haven’t started catering to the outside world), you can submit your designed emotions at Bushirt

And if you worry whether justice would be done to your designs, you can leave your worries behind; because we come with an experience of more than a decade in the clothing industry. We understand the difference between bad fabric, good fabric and excellent fabric, and excellent is what we use at Bushirt.

Before we forget to mention (we are not really used to blowing our own trumpet, because we don’t need it), we even give you the power to design your own emotions. If you don’t like anything in the Bushirt stable (it would be a rare exception), you can put your thinking cap on and design your own t-shirt. Designing your own stuff at Bushirt is as simple as moving your folders around on your desktop. Just drag and drop the stuff, submit it and you are done.

Let the world know what you think; give vent to your emotions; wear your emotions while setting a style statement. At Bushirt, everybody is a rockstar, because everybody has a rockstar somewhere inside them. 

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