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It was Vipul's girlfriend's birthday, she lived in Noida and Vipul used to live and work in Gurgaon. He wanted to surprise her by sending her cakes and chocolates from her favourite bakery in Noida, where the two of them had visited quite often.
So Vipul called that bakery to place the order but... the bakery wanted advance payment and didn't have any online payment option. Vipul couldn't go all the way to Noida, so he decided to order from the famous online bakeries. But the prices on these bakeries were too high, just double his budget.
So he came back to the idea of sending it from the bakery in noida, he called his friend Vishal who lived in Noida to go to that bakery to make the advance payment. Fortunately, Vishal was able to do that.
His girlfriend was so happy and surprised, she wondered how Vipul got it delivered from this bakery. Later, Vipul thanked Vishal and said "I don't know what I would have done if you were not there".
Then it struck both of them that what would someone stuck in such a scenario do? Not everyone will have a Vishal to help. So they decided to make a website which allows you to order from bakeries at the same prices you get when you visit them, with an option to make online payment and not just that, if you are not sure about which is the most popular bakery near your friend's locality then you can check the ratings, reviews and product images of bakeries in his locality and then decide.

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