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Adventure 18 has evolved out of a keen desire to pursue life as an adventure. In an increasingly fast paced world ruled by targets and deadlines, this desire to break free and rejuvenate oneself is paramount. And, one undoubtedly heads for the thrills of outdoor adventure - a tryst with the forces of the natural elements.


Various accounts both personal and hearsay helped steer yet another desire – that of helping the adventure seekers to not only equip themselves with proper gears but also to get them to see the need to understand their equipment as a culmination of a technical union between Sciences and nature. Therefore, even a casual visit to Adventure 18 becomes a truly enriching experience for you as our staff fills you in with the technical details of each of our carefully designed products.


Adventure knows no bounds. Hence, you will find every conceivable gear designed for activities ranging from road/mountain biking, motor cycling trips, fishing to weekend camping or some serious technical mountaineering equipment and also for those who want to seek adventure in various other geographical terrains.


Adventure 18 does not limit itself to the adrenalin rushed adventurists but also caters to our indomitable armed forces stationed at the grueling heights of Siachen with highly technical survival kits and clothings as well.

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